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Producer / Production Manager

Jennelle has been working in the entertainment industry for over 12 years, producing 244 episodes of the critically acclaimed television series Forensic Files.  In those 7 seasons Jennelle brought the production quality of the show up to a level unprecedented for the genre, reaching an audience in over 142 countries worldwide.  As a result of these advancements, Forensic Files is now one of the longest running and most successful true crime series to date.


She also has extensive experience in the commercial genre, working with clients ranging from Fortune 500, to non-profits, helping to evolve and grow both their business and brand.  She's led diverse projects from brand redesign and development, to internal corporate communications and commercials, to experience design and event production.


Working on a wide range of projects, from television, commercials, corporate, music, and web videos, to production and on-site management of live events, Jennelle's talents lie in organization and planning, getting to know the intricacies of each different production and personnel she works with. Her goal is to create visually and emotionally compelling content with as seamless a pre-production and production process as possible.  It is that organization that ensures projects come in on time and under budget, exceeding client expectations.  Her problem-solving skills excel both in the production office and on set, with an ability to creatively execute both quickly and effectively.




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