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Director / Director of Photography

Michael has worked as a director in the film and television industry over the past 19 years, contributing greatly to the overall success of the critically acclaimed television series Forensic Files.  Having directed over 275 episodes over the span of 10 years, Michael helped evolve the overall look of the show’s dramatic reenactments, and set a standard for all reenactments in the true crime genre.  Working as both a director and cinematographer, Michael’s talent lies in creating a dramatic visual story, while maintaining the realism of these true-to-life scenarios.


Michael pushed creative boundaries by incorporating high-energy action and stunt sequences into the show, helping keep Forensic Files the continued leader of the true crime genre.  His experience in coordinating the action and composition of moving vehicles helped him develop into a successful Director/DP of both car commercials and stunt driving sequences for film and television.


Understanding what tools are necessary to achieve visually dynamic driving sequences, Michael is also one of the top operators of Filmotechnic’s Sci-Tech Academy Award-winning RUSSIAN ARM SYSTEM.  The Russian Arm is the premiere tool and industry leader for filming stunt driving sequences and running footage.  Michael’s work has taken him all over the US and Europe, shooting feature films, television shows, and national commercials.  His work has been seen in such television and films as The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, We’re the Millers, The Accountant and Paper Towns, and in commercial spots for Jeep, BMW, Chevrolet, Fiat, etc.

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